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Is something rummaging through your pantry at night? Do you hear critters crawling through your walls? Don't hesitate to contact an exterminator in Las Vegas, Nevada. Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife is a wildlife removal company that can find, capture and relocate your unwanted guests. We capture animals humanely and move them to a new location so they don't return to your property.

How Does Wildlife Removal Work?

There are different ways to approach wildlife control depending on the problem you face. There are situations when we may need to remove a bees hive or animals first before we can perform a service. But the key for most animal control is Prevention, with a process known as exclusion. By sealing all entry points, animal can no longer enter a property and are forced to find new homes or food elsewhere.

We do not use poison in any structure or anything that causes a slow death, as this may cause the animals to die on a property and lead to severe odors and health issues.

What is Humane  Wildlife Removal?

Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife believes in humane wildlife removal. Whenever possible, we'll make sure to capture and move animals safely, so that they can continue to benefit the environment without affecting your property.

Although some pest, like rats and mice, may require traps, most pest can be excluded from your home without hurting them, thus solving your pest control problem in an eco-friendly way.

How Much Does Dead Animal Removal Or Roedent Removal Cost?

In some cases, you may find yourself requiring removal of a dead animal that has died on your property. The cost depends on the location of the animal, the type of animal, and how long ago it has died. While some cases can be more complex, like animals that die inside of walls or under the foundaton, may require a higher cost than animals that have died in an easy access location.

Our Wildlife Removal Services include...

Rodent removal | Rabbit removal | Skunk removal | Bird and bat removal | Insect extermination | Bee relocation | Attic sanitation | Exclusion & screening work | and so much more...

From a mouse in the pantry to a bat in the attic, we can take care of your pest problem. Contact our exterminator today.