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Squirrel Removal & Repair

Our Squirrel Removal & Repair

Fox and grey squirrels first breed when they are about a year old. They breed in mid-december or january, and a small percentage breeds again in june. during the breeding season, noisy mating chases take place when one or more male pursue a female through the trees. Tree squirrels have about 3 young per litter. At birth, they are hairless, blind, and their ears are closed. Young weigh about 1/2 ounce at birth and 3 to 4 ounce in 5 weeks.

Squirrels are cavity dwellers, preferring hollow trees and building. Large leaf nests also are construct particularly in the summer, as they are cooler.

In orchard , squirrels can severely curtail production by eating nut and prematurely and by carrying off mature nuts. In fruit orchards, squirrels may eat cherry blossoms and destroy ripe pears. pine, grey, and fox squirrels may chew the bark off various orchard tree.

Squirrels may damage lawns by burying or digging up nuts. They chew bark and clip twigs on ornamental trees or shrubbery planted in yard. Squirrels often take food at feeders intended for birds. sometimes they chew to enlarge openings of bird houses and enter to eat nestling songbirds. Squirrels may eat plants seeds, mature fruits, corn, and grains.



Squirrels chew on electrical lines, leading to fires. if left long enough, their gnawing can weaken rafters.

Fox and grey squirrels are vulnerable to several parasites and diseases. ticks, mange, fleas and internal parasites are common. Squirrels hunters often notice bot fly larvae, called “wolves” or “warbles” protruding from the skin, especially before frost. The larvae do not impair the quality of the meat for eating and they are not known for harborings Diseases dangerous to human. the droppings of flying squirrels have been associate with murine typhus.      

Our Unique Approach To Squirrel Removal & Repairs

Our number one goal is to give you the instant relief you need and the long-term protection you deserve from squirrels. Because every situation is unique, we’ll use a combination of the following measures to address your squirrels problem at the source.

1. Species Identification

We’ll start by performing a thorough inspection in and around your home. During this time, we will identify the species, areas of activity, potential entry points, and attractants. This step increases the chances of our baiting, trapping, and seal work being successful.

2. Squirrel Trapping

After we get rid of your existing Squirrels problem, we’ll prevent them from coming back. The entire trapping process, from start to finish, can takes 5 to 14 days on average. Door sweeps, screening, sealing, caulking, and other products may be used to seal any holes or gaps. Our goal is for your property to be 100% critter free!

3. Repair & Seal Work

Sealing or screening should be done to all Holes around the roof and the attic should also be sealed. Sealing all the cracks as well as the holes will ensure these points do not act as entry points even in the future. For area that cannot be corrected by simply sealing, then we conduct a complete repair. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife professional team remove all species squirrels. Call our team to help with your squirrels problem in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas,  and Henderson.

Squirrels trapping plus sealing all entry points can take 5 to 14 days.

Yes, we perform live trapping and relocate which make it safe for anyone handling the traps.

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