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Opossum Control & Removal

Our Opossum Control & Removal Services

The opossum is the only marsupial (a pouched mammal) found in North America. They are most commonly found around residential, stream or other wetland areas. In urban areas they seek shelter in your attic, garage, chimney, under the house, or in any other place that offers protection. the opossum’s habitat is diverse, ranging from woodland to open field. Although opossums are considered desirable fur bearers in some areas, they may become a nuisance near homes. Opossum may also carry murine typhus, and the fleas that infest them can transmit the disease to people or pets. Opossums are capable of transmitting rabies and several different diseases. Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Animal Removal experts understand this danger and have the tools and training to safely handle these very strong animals. Where opossum are common, pet owners should be diligent in controlling fleas on their animals Although very common in urban areas, opossum are rarely seen because they are nocturnal. Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife are your local experts for Opossum or Possum Removal in Las Vegas North Las Vegas And Henderson.

OpossumOpossum Control Las Vegas: Opossum Trapping & Removal

Our Approach To Opossum Control & Removal

Our number one goal is to give you the instant relief you need and the long-term protection you deserve from opossum. Because every situation is unique, we’ll use a combination of the following measures to address your opossum problem at the source:

1. Property Inspection

We’ll start by performing a thorough inspection in and around your home. During this time, we will identify the species, areas of activity, potential entry points, and attractants. This step increases the chances of our baiting, trapping, and seal work being successful.

2. Opossum trapping

Opossum can cause damage to your property. One method of removing a opossum from your property is using a live trap to catch and release the animal. Live trapping is a safe and effective way to keep opossum away from your home.

3. Attic Cleanup

Our Professional team will  Cleanup and sanitize the opossum droppings in the attic to remove pathogen, bacteria, and pheromones to prevent health hazards and prevent other opossum from having interest in the areas.

4. Sealing Open Entry Points

Sealing or screening should be done to all Holes around the roof and the attic should also be sealed. Sealing all the cracks as well as the holes will ensure these points do not act as entry points even in the future.For area that cannot be corrected by simply sealing, then we conduct a complete repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Because opossums usually enter a building by climbing, you may notice exterior damage first. Often, opossum damage takes the form of torn up shingles and ripped soffit on your rooftop. An opossum infestation may also impact your siding, eaves, and gutter system.

2. Opossums are particularly drawn to cat food. If you have cats, especially any outdoor cats, you may notice that their food disappears more quickly when you have an opossum infestation. If you suspect an opossum infestation, take measures to protect your cats who could become injured in a fight with an opossum.

3. Opossums have a wide range of vocalizations, including hissing and shrieking. Mother opossums also make clicking or lip smacking sounds to call their babies. If you notice these noises when inside a building, chances are you have an infestation or a single opossum trapped inside.

4. As opossums nest, they make lots of ripping, scuttling, and scratching noises. These noises can sound similar to rats or mice, but you will likely notice that the noises seem louder because they’re created by a bigger animal.

Additionally, you may notice scratching across a wider area with an opossum infestation than with any other rodent problem because opossums do not stick solely to the edges of the attic space.

5. One of the most distinct signs of an opossum infestation is the smell. Opossums defecate more frequently than most mammals and their droppings can be as large as a house cat’s. These wet droppings can soak into insulation and building materials, causing a distinctly unpleasant odor.

Opossums can also become trapped by wiring or other architectural elements and may die there. If you have a dead opossum in your attic, you’ll know by the strong smell of decay.

due their biological behavior Opossum removal can take anywhere from 2-5 days to completely remove from you property.

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