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Coyote Trapping & Removal

Coyote Trapping & Removal Services

Coyotes are native to the Mojave Desert, and they’re one of the few species that thrive in the shadows of humans. Coyotes now live in every major metro area in the United States, and Las Vegas. 

Coyotes will attack and kill pets, especially cats and small dogs (less than 25 pounds). The best way to protect pets is to not allow them to run free. Cats should be kept indoors, particularly at night, and small dogs should be on a leash and under close supervision at all times.

A coyote that is sick or rabid will behave weird. For instance, the coyote will be disorientated, and it will appear off. It will not be able to walk straight, and it will be confused all the time.

A coyote who does not run away when encountering humans has, most likely, become accustomed or habituated to people. This generally occurs when a coyote has been fed (in the form of handouts, pet food left outside, or unsecured garbage.

Coyote trapping & removal Las Vegas

Our Approach To Coyote Trapping & Removal

Our number one goal is to give you the instant relief you need and the long-term protection you deserve from Coyotes. Because every situation is unique, we’ll use a combination of  technique to address your coyote problem at the source:

1.Coyote Inspection

We’ll start by performing a thorough inspection in and around your home, golf course, or place of business. During this time, we will identify the areas of activity, potential dens, and attractants. This step increases the chances of our, trapping, work being successful.

2. Coyote trapping

Coyotes have a reputation as being one of the most difficult animals to trap.  They are very smart and often wary of human sign or scent.  Trappers often have coyotes dig up traps at their set, pull out of traps, or shy away from trap sets.  When done right, however, coyote trapping can be made relatively successful.

Coyotes will almost never pass through bodygrip sets or enter cages, so they are only effectively captured with foothold traps or snares. Call our professional team to help remove your coyotes problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Coyotes may some times attack humans and mistake small, unattended pets as prey or attack large dogs they view as threats to territory or dens.

  1. If you’re walking a smaller dog, pick it up. …
  2. Make yourself appear the bigger threat. …
  3. Do not run or turn your back. …
  4. Continue to “haze” the coyote until it leaves the area; then you should go, too.

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