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Bat Removal & Repair

Welcome to Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife - Your Premier Solution for Effective Bat Control and Bat Removal Services!

Bat Control & Removal In Las Vegas

Your Trusted Partner for Expert Bat Control and Removal in Henderson, Summerlin, and the Entire Las Vegas Valley!

Are bats causing a disturbance in your attic, posing health risks, or leaving unsightly bat guano behind? Look no further than Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife for professional and effective bat control and removal services. Our specialized team is dedicated to ensuring your property is free from bats while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for you and your family.

Comprehensive Bat Control and Removal Services:

1. Professional Bat Removal and Exclusion: Bat infestations can bring about various issues, from noise disruptions to potential health hazards. Our skilled professionals are equipped to handle bat removal with expertise and care. Using advanced techniques, we ensure bats are removed safely and in compliance with regulations that protect these vital creatures.

2. Attic Restoration and Bat Guano Cleanup: Bat guano accumulation poses risks to your health and the structural integrity of your attic. Our comprehensive attic restoration services involve removing contaminated insulation affected by bat feces. Our meticulous cleanup and sanitization process will leave your attic clean, safe, and habitable.

3. Specialized One-Way Valve Bat Removal: Our innovative one-way valve approach allows bats to exit your property freely, while preventing them from re-entering. This humane method ensures that new bats cannot establish a colony in your space, while allowing the existing ones to leave naturally.

4. Expert Exclusion and Entry Point Sealing: Bats often find their way in through high points in your property. Our experts are adept at locating and sealing these entry points, providing long-term protection against bat invasions. Thorough exclusion repairs ensure that your property remains free from bats.

5. Bat Disease Awareness and Management: Bats can carry diseases such as rabies and histoplasmosis. We prioritize your safety by educating you about potential health risks associated with bats and their guano. Our services not only eliminate bats but also create a healthier living environment.

6. Insulation Removal and Replacement: Bat guano-contaminated insulation can compromise your home’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Our insulation removal and replacement services will leave you with clean, efficient insulation, enhancing the comfort of your living space.

Serving Henderson, Summerlin, and the entire Las Vegas Valley, Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife is your go-to partner for comprehensive bat control, removal, and attic restoration services. Our commitment to ethical practices, combined with our extensive knowledge in bat removal, makes us your reliable choice for bat-related concerns.

Choose Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife to ensure your property remains bat-free and safe. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and take the first step towards a bat-free environment. Your well-being and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Why Choose Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife

Experience Exceptional Wildlife Removal Services with Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife

When it comes to removing bees, raccoons, skunks, snakes, rats, squirrels, bats, and more, Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife stands out as your trusted partner. Our comprehensive wildlife removal services are designed to provide you with unparalleled expertise and peace of mind.

  1. Expertise You Can Rely On:With years of experience in the field, our skilled professionals possess in-depth knowledge of various wildlife species and their behaviors. Whether it’s a raccoon, skunk, snake, rat, squirrel, or bat, we understand their habits and know how to effectively remove them from your property.
  2. Safe and Humane Removal:Our approach prioritizes the safety and well-being of both you and the wildlife. We utilize humane methods to trap and relocate animals, ensuring they are taken to suitable habitats where they can thrive naturally without causing harm.
  3. Comprehensive Services:Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife offers a wide range of wildlife removal services, addressing various critters that can invade your property. Whether you’re dealing with raccoons rummaging through your trash, skunks under your porch, snakes in your yard, rats in your attic, squirrels in your eaves, or bats in your chimney, we have the expertise to handle it all.
  4. Customized Solutions:Every wildlife situation is unique, requiring tailored solutions. Our team assesses the specific circumstances of your property, developing a customized removal strategy that addresses your immediate concerns while preventing future infestations.
  5. Licensed and Insured:Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife is a licensed and insured company, giving you the confidence that you’re working with professionals who adhere to industry standards and regulations.
  6. Quick Response:We understand that wildlife intrusions can be urgent matters. Our team is equipped to provide a swift response, ensuring that the problem is addressed promptly to minimize any potential damage or inconvenience.

Preventive Measures: Beyond removal, we offer recommendations and implement preventive measures to fortify your property against future 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Home inspections are ALWAYS free and estimates are given with long-term solutions to remove the bats safely and warranty options to assure they do not re-enter your home. If you are concerned about a bat problem, contact our local professional team at Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife for bat removal and cleanup services today.

Absolutely! We stand by the quality of our services, and to demonstrate our confidence, we provide a comprehensive three-year warranty on all the work we undertake. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our warranty, which covers both our estimates and the service contract for complete bat removal and proofing for your residential or commercial property. With Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife, you can trust that your satisfaction and long-term results are our top priorities.

Our bat removal service is available year-round in Las Vegas, NV. Bats can become an issue at any time, and we understand the urgency of addressing these concerns promptly. Whether you’re dealing with a current bat infestation, want to prevent future infestations, or need immediate assistance, Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife is here to help. Our team is equipped to handle bat removal and control efficiently and effectively, regardless of the season. Contact us at your convenience to schedule a consultation or service, and we’ll work with you to ensure your property remains bat-free and safe year-round.

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