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Pest Control Las Vegas NV: Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Pest Control Company In 2021

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control Company in Las Vegas

One of the most common behaviors among homeowners is NOT hiring a pest control company until they feel the infestation has gone beyond them to handle. However, when they know the situation is out of their control, their first impulse is to find a pest control company in their area and schedule service immediately.

That’s understandable as no one wants to share their home with creepy pests such as ants, roaches, rodents, spiders, & more that can cause damage to your house and affect your peace of mind. 

However, choosing the right pest control company is not as easy as it looks. Before deciding to do business with a pest control company, you should: 

1. Do your research,
2. Ask a few questions to get the information needed to make the best decision.

Always remember, these efforts are worth it if they help you find the right pest company that will do the job correctly and stands behind their work.

If you are looking to hire a pest control company in Las Vegas, Nevada, or nearby cities in the Clark County area, here are a few questions you must ask:

Q.1: How long have you been in business?

When it comes to successfully handle pest control issues, experience goes a long way. When considering hiring a new pest control company, it’s important to learn about how long they’ve been in business or how much experience they have in the industry.  You definitely do NOT want to risk your home or property with a pest control company or a team that doesn’t know the trade.


Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control has been in the business since 2010. That makes the total experience of almost 10 years. Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control has been servicing Las Vegas, Henderson, Anthem, Paradise, Summerlin, and other cities in Clark County for over 10 years. 

A few other benefits of working with a trusted, local pest control company are:

1. Knowledge of the local pests by region & season in the area.

2. Trust that they’ll be around in the future and that they’ll stand behind their work.

Q.2: Are your technicians licensed and insured?

All registered pest control & wildlife service providers in the United States should be licensed, bonded, and insured. Every state is different, so make sure the company you choose is licensed in your state.

Pest Control technicians need to understand safety practices, application methods, and cleaning protocols to provide you with the best service. So, make sure to find out which licenses your provider possesses before booking a pest control service with them. 

We also recommend you to check whether the pest control company you decide to do business with has different insurances needed as per state requirements. The most common types of insurance a company should have are:

1) General liability insurance
2) Professional liability insurance

A company with proper certifications and insurance ensures that they are liable for any damage caused by them to your home or property. It also protects you in case a worker suffers an injury on your property. If a company hesitates to answer your questions around insurances & certifications, that’s a red flag. Do not hire them for your pest control needs.

Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control is licensed and insured in the state of Nevada. We hold licenses for all types of pest control, wildlife control,  & attic cleanup services. If you ever have any questions about our certifications & insurance, we are happy to share them with you so you can feel safe about our services. 

3) Where can I find reviews about your pest control services from current or previous customers?

 Any reputable and efficient pest control company should have customers raving about their services. So, the company shouldn’t have any issues or concerns in directing you to the reviews of their services if asked. Alternatively, you can check for online reviews of a pest control company yourself. 

If a company is hesitant about sharing online/public reviews for their services, don’t think even for a second and run in the opposite direction. Here are the main/primary listings you should look for:

1) Google My Business listing of the company

2) Yelp listing

3) Facebook Page

4) HomeAdvisor listing (if the company has one)

At Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control – Las Vegas’s leading pest control company – we are happy to show the raving things our customers have to say about your services. You can check them on:

1) Google My Business listing ⇒ 35+ reviews with a 5.0 average rating.

2) HomeAdvisor ⇒ 13 reviews with a 5.0 average rating.

Q.4: Do you offer free inspections/quotes for your pest control services?

Not all companies provide a free inspection/quote because of the efforts that go into it. However, a lot of pest control companies do offer a free inspection/quote for selected services.

For example, here at Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control, we provide a free estimate for all of our wildlife & pest control services.

As a customer, you should always ask whether or not the company you are choosing for your wildlife & pest treatment provides a free inspection or quote. However, this should not affect your decision if they charge a very nominal fee for providing an estimate.

Q.5: Are the pest treatments & products you use safe for people, pets, and plants?

Getting pest control treatment done is essential. However, the safety of your family is more important than that. You don’t want your kids, pets, and other relatives to be exposed to harmful chemicals. Hence, you must ask your pest control company about the products they use for treating your pest issues.

Chemicals and products used for Pest control treatments are highly regulated and labeled for specific use. They are explicitly designed to target insects and non-mammal pests. Still, before your pest control technician arrives to perform a service, you must check if you need to leave your home during the treatment. It may be necessary depending on the pest control method OR product they plan to use.

If a pest control company avoids answering your questions around products used and safety precautions, that’s a clear indication to find another company.

Need help? Choose the Best wildlife & Pest Control Company in Las Vegas, NV

Treating pests is too important just to hire any random pest control company to do it. That’s why we recommend you do your homework & don’t be afraid to ask any questions before handing over your home to them. If you’re not sure about what to ask, the questions we covered in this post are a good starting point. Any legit & reputable company would be happy to answer all of your questions.

If you are searching for a legit & reputable local pest control company in Las Vegas, Nevada, we would be happy to discuss your pest control needs with you and determine the best course of action for eliminating the problem.

Contact Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control, a trusted pest control company in Las Vegas, Henderson, Anthem, Paradise, Summerlin, and nearby cities in Clark County, NV. We’ve been successfully controlling and exterminating various wildlife & bugs in the area for the last 10+ years. Contact us by phone at 1-702-907-9453 or through our website or Google My Business listing.


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How to Keep Wildlife Away From Your Property

Pest Control Las Vegas - Keeping Wildlife Away

If your property is near a natural environment like a wooded area, grassy field, or desert, one of the things you have to deal with is wild animals coming into your property. Wild animals do not know anything about property lines or your ownership rights. If they think the plants in your yard look juicy, they will come in to get their share or, worse still, make their home in your yard.

You may be dealing with harmless animals that only want a taste of your well-kept plants and not creatures that can harm you physically. There is a simple reason squirrel, rabbits, deer, groundhogs, and other wildlife love your garden: easy food in a protected area, without fear of lurking predators. Moreover, the soft lawn soil is a perfect place to build a nest.

These creatures can do a fair amount of damage while indulging their taste buds. In one day, a small family of rabbits will decimate your entire garden. If groundhogs get in on the action, just one of them will eat 1.5 pounds of your precious vegetables in a few hours. Raccoons, on their part, will ransack your trash while you sleep and dig up the lawn for insects.

If you are struggling to keep these unwanted creatures out of your yard, here are a few things you can do.

How to keep wildlife away from your property


1. Clean up your yard

If you have piles of wood, brush, and overgrown shrubs in the yard, you are offering wild animals a place to hide. These shy creatures don’t like open spaces, where you can easily spot them. Removing potential hiding places will make your yard less attractive to them.

2. Do not feed them

Pest Control Las Vegas - How to Keep Wildlife Away From Your Property

The main reason animals come to your yard is to find food. While it is not entirely possible to get rid of all their food sources, you can make it harder for them by plucking fruits as soon as they get ripe and picking fruit or nuts off the ground.

3. Remove bird feeders

Bird feeders are great for attracting different types of feathered visitors. But the feed you put in your bird feeder may attract other creatures. You can remove the feeders or choose a meal that only the birds you want to attract will eat.

4. Remove water containers

Water is even more essential to wild animals than food, and you don’t need a lot of water in the yard to attract them. Deer will catch the whiff of a bowl of water from a far distance. Birdbaths and water-filled bowls are invitations to thirsty wild animals.

5. Scare them away

An easy way is to let your dog roam freely. If you would not do this, place some of the dog’s hair or your hair around the yard. Wild animals don’t like being around dogs or humans. You can also use noisemakers or motion-activated sprinklers.

6. Seal or remove access points

Inspect the entire property for holes or pathways that serve as entry points for wild animals. Remove tree branches overhanging your roof; they serve as runways for rodents to get on the rooftop and into your home.

7. Secure and cover garbage bins

Wildlife Control Las Vegas - How to Keep Wildlife Away

Ensure that hungry animals cannot knock over the garbage bin. Never leave the trashcan uncovered. To be double sure, place a heavy brick on the bin cover to keep it from being opened. You may also want to have the garbage in an enclosed area.

8. Repel them

There are many ways to make your yard repulsive to all or specific classes of wild animals:

  • Before they start to bloom, plant garlic cloves between flower bulbs to make them less attractive to squirrels. Squirrels don’t like the smell of garlic and will avoid your flowerbeds.
  • Spray vegetables with a mixture of water and cayenne pepper. Many wild animals will not come near powdered pepper because it will burn them badly if it gets in their nostrils.
  • Use plants that animals hate around the perimeter. For instance, skunks, deer, and squirrels hate the smell of sage and lavender. Squirrels also hate catmint.
  • If you want a repellent that will deter many wild animals, you can purchase an all-natural, non-toxic repellent. Before you use these products, read the labels carefully. Some have coyote urine in them, and you don’t want to spray that on your vegetables.

9. Fence them out

A good fence can keep most wild animals off your property. If you have a problem with deer, you can buy a proper deer fence or a standard six-foot fence. Those will also keep smaller animals like squirrels out. But if you have several acreages, erecting a wall around the entire perimeter may be expensive. Cheaper solutions include using netting, electric fencing, and wires around specific areas of the yard. You can also install short fences – two feet high – around vegetable gardens and flower beds to keep rabbits out.

These are just some things you can do yourself to keep wildlife off your property. However, for better and more permanent results, we advise you to call a professional pest control company. They have knowledge and experience as well as equipment that will help them in this task.

Contact Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife Control, a trusted pest control company in Las VegasHendersonAnthemParadiseSummerlin, and nearby cities in Clark County, NV. We’ve been successfully controlling and exterminating various wildlife & bugs in the area for the last 10+ years. Contact us by phone at 1-702-829-2200 or through our website or Google My Business listing.


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We know you’re putting a lot of trust in our hands. Our team is highly trained and trustworthy.


We do our work in a way that ensures your family is kept safe before, during, and after service.